Frequently Asked Questions


What does “LinguaWays” mean?

LinguaWays embodies different approaches to language. As the logo suggests, there are many different ways of reaching a language goal, whether it involves creating or receiving a flawless translation or mastering a new language. There’s no right or wrong way, as long as the final product achieves its objective.

Is LinguaWays an agency?

LinguaWays is not an agency, but rather a very personal translation service that has grown over the past 12 years and served major customers in the software, eLearning and tourism industry. Where necessary, I draw upon a small and trusted entrepreneurial network of freelancers I have built over time to meet the needs of my customers.

Why should I work with you and not an agency?

I go beyond any agency’s standards: Each and every one of your texts will be translated and checked by two highly professional translators – and I’ll make sure that is truly the case. What’s more, you’ll always have the same translators working on your texts so we know your style!

Additionally you’ll have a direct line of communication with me and, over time, I’ll get to know your product almost as well as you do. Many people have a personal trainer, you have a personal translator!

We’re in! How will this work?

The process is a highly personal one that I can adapt to your needs. In general, we will begin with a personal conversation about your needs and vision. Then the process can be adapted from the following general workflow: Style guide creation (only the first time around) => Translation/Transcreation => Layout Check.

What can I do to assist with a smooth translation process?

You can give me as much information as possible! Send a link or a copy of your text in its final layout or environment, .pdf, website, etc. Perhaps you already have a German style guide, established terminology or German translations that you’re happy with? Simply send them along as reference. Last but not least: Please send us your files in an editable format if possible, i.e., .docx, .rtf, .html, .pptx, .xlsx.

What kind of files can I send?

I’m happy to work with a variety of file formats. You can choose from: .docx, .xlsx, .pdf, .html, .pptx, posts for blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Even subtitling your videos is not a problem.

How quickly will my project be delivered?

Timeliness is key in my work and I strive to deliver projects as fast as possible. Turnaround time depends on your text – length, difficulty, quality of the text, and the capacity of my editors and myself. You can roughly estimate 2,000 words per day, but a tailored timeline will be stated in your quote. Urgent translations, as well as work on weekends, holidays, and in the evening, are subject to a surcharge of 30–50%.

What’s the price?

Each text is different and prices are determined accordingly. In general, you can estimate EUR 0.21/word or EUR 75/hour. Please feel free to send me your material and I’ll provide you with a detailed quote and timeline.

Do you also work with other languages than English and German?

No. I chose to specialize exclusively in this language pair to deliver the highest quality translations possible.

Do you provide legal, financial, or medical translations?

No, my areas of specialization are websites, apps, software, and print documentation in the eLearning, software, and travel/tourism markets, but I’m always happy to recommend one or more trusted colleagues who specialize in other fields whenever possible.

What if my project contains some legal, financial, or medical terminology?

That’s not a problem. We will collaborate with one of our specialized translators to make sure that your translation lives up to your standards.